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In accordance with public health guidelines, we have re-opened the in-store shopping area. Masks are no longer mandatory in both the in-store and drive-thru areas, but they are strongly encouraged.

Imporant notice about operating hours below:

Starting January 3rd, 2023, Eastern Farmers Co-op will be open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday (Closed on weekends). This will be the store operating hours going forward (No more winter hours). If any changes are to come to our hours it will be only be for an extension  of them, no more reduction in operating hours.

Effective: Monday, January 3rd, 2023:

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Closed on Saturday & Sunday

As of July 20, 2022: We are unable to accept ANY feed returns due to a change in CFIA regulations. Customers are being asked to not over-purchase any feed. If any customers are sending a freind or family member to pick-up and pay for feed, they must know what they're getting for you. The cashiers do NOT have access to your accounts.

Chick Orders for the 2022 season are CLOSED. We would like to thank all of our customers that participated in this years Chick Days. Be sure to look back around January for our Chick Dates during the 2023 season!

The following chick days are closed for the season:

May - Layers & Broilers

June - Layers, Broilers & Turkeys

July - Layers & Broilers

August - Turkeys, Broilers & Layers

September - Broilers

Please see our chick days page for the best 

up-to-date infomation on chick days.

Due to the votality of the feed and fuel markets on the mainland some feed prices on this website may not be accraute upon arrival to the store. Please call ahead to confirm pricing of any products you need.

For convenience we do ask the following:

1. DO NOT PANIC BUY – we have NO indications that supplies will be an issue; but there will be if people start panic buying.

2. Especially for large orders, call in your order and we request if possible that you pay over the phone to limit contact in the drive-thru – we will have your order picked and ready, which will help cut down on time spent waiting in the drive-thru. Call us at 709-368-4321

3. Pay with debit or credit if possible – We sanitize the pin pad regularly. This helps limit our staff and customer contact.

4. For the sake of our staff, please be respectful of personal space and social distancing orders put in place by the PROVINCIAL PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY.

5. Be RESPECTFUL of the restrictions and safeguards we have put in place:

- STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE in the drive thru

- call in your orders if possible

- have someone pick up your items if you are sick or immune-compromised

- Be respectful of our staff. This is an extremely stressful time during which to be a worker, especially in high-traffic stores such as ours, or drug and grocery stores. To those who are exercising caution and respectful interaction:


Eastern Farmers Co-op

Your Co-op Country Store on Topsail Road

Our Feeds

Welcome to the Co-op Country Store

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No matter the scale of your operation, we have what you need to keep your animals and crops healthy and flourishing. 

From the backyard hobby farmer to some of the biggest barns in the province, we supply feed, fencing, gates, seed, fertilizer, crop cover, baling supplies, feeders, waterers, equestrian tack & apparel, and more.

We also provide DRIVE THRU service! Order and pay right at the window without ever having to leave your vehicle!

Grow with us...

Backyard farming is becoming more and more popular. We have what you need to start small and grow! Let us guide you through ordering your first chickens (which we source) or help you choose the right feed for your new horse. Maybe you've got a pasture that needs reseeding, or a fence that needs some TLC... We can help you get what you need!

Visit our store

We always love to see you in-person! Drop by or call the store anytime during business hours.

1112 Topsail Road

Our Address:

1112 Topsail Road

Mount Pearl, NL, A1N 5E7